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Don't you want to be a citizen of The Sultanate of Freelonia

freedom will come with workers!


Bring Together All Your Forces!

Secretary General: Cem Devecioglu
Second Man Stallino
The Second Woman: Ms. Katyusha
The Third Man: Money Money
The Third Woman: Guldem Afyon
The Controller: Populishia

The Communist Party of Freelonia (CPF) was formed on 9 December 1996 by the help of Sultan Ibrahim I. He was the most prominent Leninist revolutionary of Freelonia, and he is still the Sultan of our beloved country. He, once decided to establish a communist party as the first and establishing party of the country. He is still the president of the Cabinet, and at the same time he is responsible for our foreign affairs. But now he decided to be out of any political cleavages. He is now, our sultan and still he believes in the need for a socialist-democratic government; and he is against all types of power exercise over people. Because of his ideas, our country had been established in accordance with a model of democracy which depends on control over power exercising apparatuses.

We believe that the guidance of the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism will lead us to the establishment of a world socialist government, which will be ruled by who producing goods and services.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA (CPF) aims to create a regulatory body, which is constantly under control of producers, instead of governments who rule people. This regulatory body consists of local assemblies, which are perfectly representing the all segments of our society.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA (CPF)is respecting to groups of people with distinct identities in the country, including all minorities, ethnicities, and animals.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA (CPF)is infavour of the protection of environment at expense of all other gains. Therefore it formed a monitoring paramilitary organisation, whose goal is to detect persons who damaged the environment.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA(CPF)'s economic program is based on an equity model of distribution, according to which everybody has right to survive and the community, as a whole should support his or her survival, if he or she are in lack of capacity to do. However we are also applying some mixed model of capitalist market and socialist command economies.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA (CPF)have planned to decrease the age of retirement from 183 to 30, in next 150 years. There are an established committee, aiming to improve social security conditions of our comrades.

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA (CPF) is in favour of a rotative model for Presidency, both in the party and in the country (Sultanate, but there is lack of people who are capable of ruling over such a huge country. When our population size reaches to the figure of 100.000, we will revise our model in accordance with the needs of the day

THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF FREELONIA (CPF)is adopted some rules which should be complied by its members strictly. These are:

* Comrades have to share their products, benefits, etc. with each other!

* All comrades have to attend the party meetings, either they are public or closed meetings.

* No one has the right to inheritance.

* Each comrade has to has an occupation, and he or she has to try to increase his or her talents.

Vote For the Successful Workers Government, Again on 22 September!

Send a letter to our Secretary General for more details and to apply for membership!









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