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Don't you want to be a citizen of The Sultanate of Freelonia

The League of Gays and Lesbians

The Most Respectful of Freelonia's Political Parties

Secretary General: Militant Homosexual
Foreign Affairs Expert: Foreigner Gay
Military Affairs Expert: Militia Son
Financial and Monetary Affairs: Money Money
Cultural and Social Aff. Expert: Social Activist

The League of Gays and Lesbians was formed on 11 December 1996 by Militant Homosexual, prominent Lesbian activist of Freelonia, and she is ex-wife of our Sultan, Ibrahim I. She is only member of the party and she is also one of our founders, and she is still a member of the Cabinet, as the minister of Social and Cultural Affairs. We have been true to our ideals; Gay and Lesbians of the globe and of our country have progressed and prospered through gaining their rights.

We, the gays and lesbians of the Sultanate of Freelonia, would like to establish a free world also for gays and lesbians. For this aim we are trying to persuade people to declare their homosexualities in public meetings. Most of our citizens are infavour to be governed by The League of Gays and Lesbians in the future, however they have not voted for us till now.

Our League is respecting to the rights of all other suppressed groups in the country, including all minorities, ethnicities, and animals.

Our economic program is based on a model of command economy which has been imitated from the model applied by Stalin and followers in USSR after 1930s. However we are open to models such as mixed of capitalist market and socialist command economy models.

We aimed to decrease the age of retirement from 183 to 27, in following two centuries.

Governmental model will also be changed after we come into power. There will be a rotating presidency among all citizens. This means all citizens will be the Sultane for a short period. This will be applied for all posts of the cabinet and other administrative bodies.

We donot need to write a party regulation because of our limited number of members, but when we reached the figure over 100 we will write it down. Now we are able to discuss everything, by coming together once a week.

Vote Gays and Lesbians in September!

Send a letter to our Secretary General for more details and to apply for membership!








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