Welcome to the Sultanate of Freelonia
This is the land of freedom!
A micro-nation devoted to non-sovereignty!
A cyber-nation for all people joining in with the values and virtues
set out in the 1998 Constitution of Freelonia.

Freelonia is currently a parliamentarian monarchy with occasional
elections and public vote. There might some anti-democratic
structures and practices exist. Nevertheless, isn't that an inevitable
feature of all similar non-sovereign yet individually initiated causes?

So here is our great nation of Freelonia.
The Sultanate of Freelonia

Welcome to the Sultanate of Freelonia


The Sultanate of Freelonia has been founded by Sultan Ibrahim I in 1996. Our Sultanate is ruled by Freelonian Popular Assembly (FPA) that is composed of  15 elected members and The Cabinet including Sultan and 4 ministers. Our country can be described  as the land of freedom in brief. 

Come and join us!

Love and Kisses, 
Sultan Ibrahim I.





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