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This constitution was ratified and approved by the Sultan in 1998.

1.The Sultanate of Freelonia is a free non-sovereign state.
2.The non-sovereign and free characters of Freelonia cannot be discussed.
3.These three rules cannot be changed and are out of discussion.
4.The following sections about the procedure of making law will become effective
after Freelonia Popular Assembly established. This article will be ineffective after
assembly constructed.

5.The procedure of making rule.
5.1.Only the Freelonia Popular Assembly has force of making law, code or changing
any part of the constitution except the first 1, 2 and 3.
5.2 Any law would be in force after 2/3 of the assembly give agreement.
5.3 The Sultan has the right of not accepting rules about a predetermined topic.
The Sultan has this right only for one topic. The list of topics that Sultanate will be
predetermined after each selection of popular assembly. The Sultanate can use this
right only for 3 times in his/her charge period.
5.3 The followings has the right of proposing law draft:
The Sultan, the cabinet, any member of the cabinet, or anyone who thinks s/he has
any strange idea which can be rule, law. All proposed laws should be discussed in the
popular assembly in their date order.

6. Any code, article will be about what to do. No prohibition is allowed. Anything not
procedured in this constitution can be done in anyway unless this paragraph

7. No punishment(in any means of money, banishment, bringing out from
membership, prison) can be given to any member of the state for their contrary
activities to the constitution. Whenever such an activity observed this member or
group of members who did such activity will be responsible of writing 75 different
essays for each member of the assembly. S/he will continue to write essays to any
member until each member is convinced of that s/he saw the point for which reasons
this article is made. If any member is not convinced of s/he has to continue to write
essays to the member.

8. If anyone wants to be a member of the Sultanate of Freelonia, s/he has to submit an
essay concerning about his/her admission of first two articles of the constitution.
Anyone who admits these two article can be a member.

9. No one has the right to cease the membership of any member. The cease of the
membership can be done only the decision of the concerning member. The exit from
the membership of the Freelonia can be done in two ways:
a) Firstly, for 2 weeks Sultan will try to persuade this person to stay at 'home'
because s/he is in illusion. If this does not work, S/he has to persuade the Sultan
about s/he really wants to exit from the membership for 4 weeks. If the Sultan is not
convinced s/he has to continue until the Sultana persuades.,

b) S/he has to persuade at least 1/2 of the popular assembly upon his/her reasons
about his/her willing to cease the membership.

10. If someone has exited from the membership the assembly should discuss the
reasons of exit from the membership and the cabinet is responsible taking
necessary preventives for not to face any such situation.

11. No one could get any adjective before his/her name due to his/her  former official

12. No money, gift, or any earning in any means will be given to the official members
except moral saturation.

13. No one can give any work to any member. The articles 2 and 7 are exception.

14. Any member can do anything if the above formulations are not broken. If anyone
has complaints upon the activities any member, the first office s/he has to apply is the
minister related to this activity.

The preparations of this Constitution was led by Mr. Ozgur Cetin, or first Minister of
Internal Affairs around 1996. We are so grateful to his contributions.
The Sultanate of Freelonia
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